Code Navigation

Quick File Navigation

Tip: Hold Ctrl+P (Quick Open) to open any file by its name.

There are two commands which enable you to navigate in and across files with easy-to-use key bindings.

  • Hold Ctrl and press Tab to view a list of all files open in an editor group.
  • To open one of these files, press Tab again to pick the file you want to navigate to, then release Ctrl to open it.

Code Navigation

Alternatively, you can use Alt+Left and Alt+Right to navigate between files and edit locations. If you are jumping around between different lines of the same file, these shortcuts allow you to navigate between those locations easily.

Open Package Directory

Go to Definition

You can go to the definition of a symbol by pressing F12.

If you press Ctrl and hover over a symbol, a preview of the declaration will appear:

Tip: You can jump to the definition with Ctrl+Click or open the definition to the side with Ctrl+Alt+Click.

Go to Symbols

You can navigate symbols inside a file with Ctrl+Shift+O. Enter : and the symbols will be grouped by category. Press Up or Down and navigate to the place you want.

Open Symbol by Name

You can open a particular symbol by its name with Ctrl+T, regardless of which file contains it. Type the name of a symbol you want to navigate to, and press Enter

Open Symbol