Remote Development

To execute code on a remote server, you need to:

  1. Make sure you have SSH access to the server
  2. Install the Remote-SSH extension locally in VS Code
  3. Connect VS Code to the server (using this icon in the bottom left of the VS code window: Icon looking like vertically misaligned "><")
  4. Install the Julia extension on the server through VS Code

Then, you can execute your code on the server the same way you would locally: Example of the settings

Persistent server sessions

When you close the VS Code window, the server-side REPL terminates by default. To make the REPL state persistent across sessions, you have to:

  1. Install tmux, a terminal multiplexer, on the server (e.g. with apt install tmux)
  2. Toggle the julia.persistentSession.enabled setting in the VS Code settings. Note that this setting is available only in the server installation of the Julia extensions, accessible from the "Remote ..." tab of settings:

Location of the persistent sessions setting