Julia Visual Studio Code Documentation

NOTE: This documentation is currently being updated and revamped. In the meantime, the CHANGELOG and pull requests linked within may serve as a useful reference of as yet undocumented features.

Julia for Visual Studio Code is a powerful, free IDE for the Julia language. Visual Studio Code is a powerful and customizable editor. With a completely live environment, Julia for VS Code aims to take the frustration and guesswork out of programming and put the fun back in. We build on Julia’s unique combination of ease-of-use and performance. Beginners and experts can build better software more quickly, and get to a result faster. Julia is an officially supported language on the VS Code docs.


To install and download Julia, VS Code, and the Julia extension, see Installation and Configuration instructions.

Julia VS Code extension release features can be found on our Updates page.

Reporting Issues/Bugs/Discussions

If you have any issues with this setup, check out the FAQ first. If it doesn't help, please do report them on vscode.jl GitHub repository or at Julia Discourse under the Tooling ▶ VS Code category. We'll do our best to help you get going.

User Manual

The following pages are the user manual. These describe how to install and use the Julia extension on VS Code, along with answer questions most new users encounter.